Addressing Myths of Homelessness

A research-based article by Community Solutions/Built for Zero debunks commonly held misperceptions about unhoused persons.

One of the challenges in addressing homelessness is the stigma against people who are unhoused. A recent report by Community Solutions, the parent organization of Built for Zero, looks at common misperceptions and provides research-based arguments to debunk those myths.

From the report: “Although some research indicates that the public has become increasingly compassionate toward those experiencing homelessness and supportive of federally funded initiatives to address homelessness over the past few decades, many negative stereotypes and assumptions about people experiencing homelessness remain part of America’s collective consciousness, inciting prejudice and resistance to local supportive housing developments. From an individual to systemic level, people experiencing homelessness encounter a profound stigma that can serve as a substantial social barrier to addressing housing inequality.”

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