In The News:
Post-Incarceration Housing Needs

Indiana Public Media reports on Heading Home’s presentation to the
Monroe County Council’s Justice Fiscal Advisory Committee.

On July 10, 2023, Heading Home’s Mary Morgan gave a presentation about post-incarceration housing needs at the Monroe County Justice Fiscal Advisory Committee (JFAC).

“People who are formerly incarcerated have additional barriers to getting housing,” she told the group. “Even though our society is built on the premise of ‘You’ve served your time, you’ve paid your debt to society, and now you’re back and integrating into society,’ we all know that’s just not the case.”

The committee serves an advisory role to the Monroe County Council by obtaining key information from local stakeholders to help facilitate responsible informed financial decisions and identify budget priorities that best address the community’s justice needs. Three county councilmembers serve on JFAC: Jennifer Crossley, Peter Iverson and Kate Wiltz. Learn more about their work here.

Read an Indiana Public Media report about Heading Home’s presentation here. Watch a video of the presentation here.